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I have some bad news and some good news guys

Page 22 delayed

Firstly the next page won’t be ready to go live until the Wednesday 1st of Feb. Jess and my holiday schedule hasn’t really lined up very well, and although I could get the page done in time, Jess is now away visiting the land of the hobbits by ship and so it will be hard for me to collaborate with her. Having not managed to finish the next page before she left, I don’t want to finish it without her having any input before putting it live.

Heart of Millyera: Prelude now available online and in store!

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, Heart of Millyera: Prelude is now available to buy online at! Both dead tree format and PDF options are available.

We’re also available to purchase in store at our wonderful local comic store Greenlight comics and we’ll look to get stocked at more comic stores soon.


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