A comic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann

New Page Incoming!

Our next page is just over a week away, I’m visiting a friend over the long weekend so Page 7 will go up on the evening of the 6th.

I’ll be tweaking the site to the more common webcomic format with the newest rather than the first page on the homepage. As a regular webcomic reader that’s generally my preference, although I hate the idea of new readers getting spoiled. I have some thoughts about clever ways in which I can make things easy for the regular readers without confusing or spoiling new readers but right now I wanna just focus on building up as much of a page buffer as possible. Besides there isn’t tooooooo much to spoil yet :p

Seeing how everyone has been receiving the comic has been really great. It’s exciting to hear all the positive reactions, interest and support we’ve received so far. And in the process we discovered another local Adelaide comic creating duo who just launched their comic a week before us.

Hail, written by Miranda Richardson and Illustrated by Rosanna Lam is off to a cracking start! Featuring a budding superhero with anxiety attacks of a unique nature, they aim to explore themes of mental illness. With such an interesting premise and a tense 10 pages at launch I’m really looking forward to seeing where they take it. Check it out at

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