A comic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann

The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker - Page 8

Jess Cate

All adventures must come to an end!

This page went through a revamp after Jana and I reviewed it and decided it needed a little more detail in the backgrounds. Things like specific background detail are rarely written into the script, unless the the plot depends upon it. However, it is often these little details that need to be considered in order to make the page pop! Then when Anthea coloured the page she gave it the extra oomph it needed.

We hope you have enjoyed reading The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker. This little comic was a pleasure to write, and an even greater pleasure to watch come to life in all its gorgeously detailed art, and wonderful colours.

Jana and I have been hard at work juggling daily life stuff, and working on bringing you a fresh page of the Heart of Millyera main story. We look forward to returning to our regularly scheduled programming on the 4th September!

One more thing: we would like to again thank our wonderful Kickstarter backers and our supporters once again for helping us with the printing of The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker. We will be signing and packing comics this weekend, sending Ida off across the seas on another adventure!

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