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News - The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker on Kickstarter

Jana Hoffmann

On the 16th we launched The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker Kickstarter and we are so thrilled and humbled that we have reached our goal so quickly! Thank you to all our backers, you are amazing!

We’re now working towards our first stretch goal of $650, where every backer will get a PDF copy of our previous one shot mini comic Great Beasts.

Inspired by mythology and children’s fables, Great Beasts is a 8 page beautifully illustrated duo-chromatic comic that was over 1000% funded on Kickstarter.

The next page of The Many Adventures of Ida Blaker will go live here on the 29th of May, but if you want to get a copy in your hands you should back on Kickstarter and help us hit that first stretch goal!

Thank you for all your continued support for our campaign! We can’t wait to get this lovely comic out to you!

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