A comic by Jess Cate and Jana Hoffmann

Chapter 2 - Page 24

Jana Hoffmann

A height of concern and/or fashion for Celeste and Ida.

The past few months have been hectic with events and although they have been all wonderful experiences, I’m glad we should have a bit of a break from them for now.

Issue #4 of the exciting Dieselpunk indie comic Skies of Fire has just come out and it keeps going from strength to strength. Captain Helen Pierce is such a wonderful badass and I’m really enjoying where the story is heading. The incredible detailed art and beautiful colours make me cry a little on the inside with envy. If you haven’t already checked it out the Issue #4 Kickstarter’s Digital Bundle with the back issues is amazing value. I picked it up on their last Kickstarter and all the behind the scenes content you get with it super interesting! I highly recommend checking it out.

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